Escort during you business trip in Amsterdam

Escort after a business event: The anticipation for the upcoming weekend was limited. The annual meeting of the company's management was once again approaching, and my boss had asked me to stand in for him due to illness. Not that this meant much work or obligations for me, I just disliked such boring meetings. Most of the people gathered there were so selfish, only wanting to make their mark with their successes, the atmosphere was usually very formal, and the mood very cold.

Well, at least the meeting was being held at a fancy hotel in Amsterdam, and Amsterdam was always worth a trip. So, I packed my things and left for Amsterdam on Friday afternoon. After checking in, I enjoyed a warm shower and got dressed. The meeting and the subsequent dinner took place in the hotel, which made it relatively comfortable. The business casual dress code made the otherwise stiff atmosphere a bit more relaxed.

I tried to approach the evening with a positive attitude but didn't expect anything too interesting. The meeting went as expected, with many dull presentations of facts and figures, and the dinner afterwards was unremarkable. So, I tried to make a discreet exit as quickly as possible. Since I wasn't ready to go to bed yet, I decided to order a hotel escort and go to the hotel bar for a drink, letting the evening end there in a relaxed manner. As I entered the hotel bar, I immediately spotted the Amsterdam escort, girl, an elegantly dressed woman sitting alone at the bar, engrossed in a book and enjoying her cocktail.

The black dress in a shimmering velvet look surrounded the escort with a touch of glamour. She wore a tasteful, discreet pearl necklace with matching earrings. The sleeveless straps and the extremely flattering waterfall neckline emphasized the escort's feminine charms. The silky black stockings with a seam provocatively highlighted her well-shaped long legs, creating a particularly erotic effect on me. I stood in one spot for what seemed like an eternity, hardly moving, but taking in this dreamlike presence.

Fortunately, she had her back turned to me, so my momentary discomfort went unnoticed. I took a seat three bar stools away from her and tried to catch my breath as I let the relaxing lounge music flow through me. The young bartender, Henry, with his name tag, handed me the cocktail menu, and I couldn't decide whether I wanted something dry or sweet, creamy or fruity. So, he recommended the Bristol Old Fashioned, a honey-colored whiskey drink.

To be continued